The tropics

every day the trees were drenched with rain

every day the sun shined through the cloud

every day we tucked in our shirts and straightened out the wrinkles

every day we pushed into each other deep into the night

every day I started to unfurl the pedals of my blossom

A clearing in the woods

I have been wanting to start writing for a while, but have been reluctant to start. How do I being to express the journey that I have been on these past couple of years?

I’ve arrived at a clearing in the woods. A clearing that feels like home. A clearing that I didn’t realize I was looking for but am now realizing I was missing so deeply. This is such a precious place I find myself. This is where I find myself with my new partner. He feels ancient. He feels solid like the ocean waves. I finally have something I can push against. Something that makes me feel alive. Sometimes it feels little scary, but in a good way. This is not a static place. It’s dynamic and evolving. I look forward to writing down my thoughts and sharing my experiences as I go.